San Diego sheriff fentanyl overdose


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And this crap is WHY I teach cops not to ever allow “EMS” to second guess their decisions.
Because you should be a cop, And let Medical be medical and we can all play nice. Im not stopping by questioning how you write your tickets or do your traffic stops. So dont question my training of years in the medical field.

The cops in my area think they know more than us too, and Put TQ's on papercuts, and call us because someone **** themselves at 2am. I guess i shouldnt second guess that though, After all, the cops know more than me medically!

Im just dumb old "EMS". The quotation marks alone come off as incredibly rude towards the profession especially when your posting on a EMS board.


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Fire 612: rub your arm with talcum powder, and watch and see how long it takes for it to be absorbed: then do the same thing with powdered fentanyl. Powder doesn't absorb through the skin: otherwise people at the beach and kids playing in the dirt would all die.

Again: read the article: the car had a white powder on the inside: the 3 or 4 people in the car breathing the white powder were fine, but the officer who walked up to the car and got a little sniff through the open window overdosed, but not until someone suggested it might be Fentanyl?

I think the officer OD'd on the power of suggestion