1. FirstResponder


    You had to see this one coming... What are your thoughts on these two new TV shows that have come out recently? It was a matter of time before the Fire & EMS side of things showed their faces in the day-to-day operations of the pre-hospital/ 911 system life. "Cops" has been on TV forever now...
  2. J

    Two Paramedics on a round-the-world trip want to visit other EMS-Systems

    Hey :-) We are Marie&Jan (23,24), a paramedic couple from germany. In September we have started our round-the-world- trip with the mission: How does EMS-Systems in other countrys work? We started a blog ( , actually in german but we are going to translate it in english, as well)...
  3. R

    Paramedics: Clear - the game

    It's not like the games we used to play... I'm excited about this game release coming in about 30 days. Paramedics: CLEAR! High replayability with 64 different patients and 4 different rigs to choose. The game comes with a free app that is used as a timer. You play three shifts, each...
  4. A

    IV nitro

    IV nitro - what do you guys think about it ? As far as i know most systems have it as SL and transdermal, but IV, I would think there would be a significant change in the affect as it would be concentrated, and it wouldnt be as long lasting. would you guys think it would be a good thing to...
  5. Justjewit

    Is Venous Cutdown in the Paramedic Scope of Practice

    I am a Vet Tech and we get to do that but now that I am about to get my A and then go to paramedic school I was wondering if that was in their scope as well.
  6. Jondruby

    Car accident.

    Called out to a car accident 15 yof PT with gash in head. We got there pupils sluggish, drainage out left ear. 1st BP 90/77 2nd 101/80 kept trending and getting better. various scrapes, PT kept alert and talking although not orientated. Called ALS. We had 4X4s on the gash, checked it, this wasnt...