1. Paramedic Resource

    Metoprolol Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    It`s been awhile, went back to school recently and time has been limited to work on side projects. How`d I do? Anything on Metoprolol that I missed? Anything you disagree with? Anything you would have added? Let me know Cheers!
  2. Paramedic Resource

    Metaclopramide - FOAMed Video

    Hello EMTlife, What do you think of this coverage of Metaclopramide Pharmacology? Anything in the video you were taught differently? Let me know
  3. M

    Online Medical Consult for Activated Charcoal with Poison Control

    I'm taking NREMT in 2 weeks but also have an in class final practical tomorrow. Unfortunately nobody has gone over how to do a medical consult with poison control for activated charcoal. I would just like for somebody to go over the steps and proper order of how things should be said. If anybody...
  4. C

    When to assist/administer medications

    Hello, Lately I have been trying to figure out when is the appropriate time to assist and administer medications according to the NREMT standards. I have been reading questions lately like 'after your primary assessment, you should...' An example would be "Your patient complains of crushing...