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    NZ to US medic

    Hi all, My partner is looking to move from NZ to the US for a job opportunity. I am an EMT from NZ who is interested in continuing my education and career over in the US. It is difficult to find information regarding the process of transferring, employment, studies and recognition of prior...
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    Shift Work Models from Around the World

    Hello! I was hoping we could share where you are from and what your shift work model looks like. In Alberta, Canada typical shifts are 4 days on and 4 days off. This includes 2 12-hour day shifts followed by 2 12-hour night shifts. Thanks in advance!!
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    Help with elective placement in Scandinavia

    Hello, I'm a student paramedic currently studying paramedic science at the University of East Anglia (in England). I was hoping that someone might be able to offer some information about the possibility of an ambulance placement in Scandinavia, Norway in particular? In my 3rd year, before...
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    International jobs?

    I've been doing some research on different job opportunities for EMTs (I'm pretty new to this, so my information level is low at the moment), and I was interested in finding out more about potential to work overseas. A lot of what I've found online has been as conflicting as it is informative...
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    Paramedics working abroad

    Does anybody know what international systems will accept NREMT-P? I know Saudi has medics but after spending some time in Europe I would love to work there. Any info is appreciated.