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    Hybrid AEMT

    I am currently an EMT-B and considering doing an online AEMT course. I was wondering how fast can you complete this? Also what company did you do it through? How does clinical time work? Thanks!
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    Hybrid Program

    (I posted this question in the educ/training section but have not received much feedback). Any thoughts on hybrid AEMT programs - positives/negatives? I took a hybrid EMT-b course, and was 1 of 3 to pass the class. I was good during clinicals and skills sessions, but I also realize that EMTb is...
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    Hybrid AEMT Programs

    I'm currently an EMT-B, and I'm considering taking a Hybrid AEMT course through Lenoir Community College in NC. There are 3 weekend-long campus visits for skills, and otherwise all didactic material is online and of course there are clinical hours. Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences on...