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    Question about protocol for someone with a wound in their backside

    Im a writer, and need to clarify this for accuracy. If someone were shot in their left glute, would they be placed onto the gurney laying on their side opposite of the wound, or placed on their belly? Would they be strapped in in any way? Right now I have it where he is strapped in on his side...
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    Lifting for petite people?

    I recently passed my NREMT and I am now beginning to apply for EMT positions. I have struggled with lifting while in my class but I managed to pass all my skills and the NREMT but now that I am applying places I am worried that I wont be able to properly lift. I am 5'2 and 120lbs. Any tips?
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    New Stretcher Technology

    Hello there! I am an aspiring engineering student. I am in the midst of a design for a new revolutionizing technology to make life for EMS operators a heck of a lot easier! I am in need of feedback from EMS operators, ASAP. What is the most difficult part of operating a stretcher? If your rig...