Interests? I'm a member of EMTLife, what do you think my interests are, silly? *Grins*<br><br>And firefighting. I LOVE firefighting. That is what I plan on doing with my life. Being a Firefighter/EMT.<br><br>Secondary to my firefighting is my music ability. I can play many, many instruments, however I'm not overly good at any one of them. I'm pretty good with my guitar and flute, semi-okay with piano, can learn to be maybe-semi-alright with anything else. The one instrument that I'm REALLY good with, is my voice. I love to sing. I love to sing with other people. My function in life is to harmonize, both musically and any other way you can think of. So if you sing/play any note, I can and probably will harmonize with it!<br><br>The one thing that overrides both firefighting and music, though, is my cat. I know that sounds weird, but I love her like she was my own child. I've had her since she was 6 weeks old and she'll be 10 in August '05. She's been the one constant in the past 10 years of my life....she's usually the one that stops me from climbing into my hole of innocence. I really don't know what I'd do without her....




<span style=\'color:purple\'>Volunteer Firefighting. Meeting your neighbors one siren at a time....

Maryland Certified EMT-B
Maryland Certified Firefighter II
Nationally Certified Firefighter II
AHA BLS Instructor
ASHI Basic Instructor
Full-Time Trouble Maker</span>