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    Drug dose calculations

    We do use technology all the time, but the time to have a phone glued to your hand is not when you are providing patient care. Paramedic math is pretty simple, we don't use that many drugs, most of what we do use is in single dose vials, and we have a cheat sheet taped to the wall of the...
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    Drug dose calculations

    It's all pretty basic math. I'm not one of those folks nowadays who cannot function unless a phone is glued to my hand 24/7, plus our agency pretty much has a no phones out during patient contact policy. Learn the math, it's not hard. What is the next generation going to do?? The ones brought up...
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    EMS Diversity and inclusion

    No, but in the past there have been instances giving "preference points" in hiring, school admissions, etc, to people just because they belong to a certain group or race. I am against all diversity programs, against Affirmative Action programs, and think all spots should go to the most...
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    What is the worst rookie mistake you've seen

    Yeah, you look away for 2 seconds sometimes.
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    Obstructed Airway Question

    Last week we had a cardiac arrest due to anaphylaxis. We get on-scene and this guy is so swollen that his eyes are bugging out and his tongue is about 3" out of his mouth. Very weak bradycardic pulse. We hit him with his Epi pen, plus another .5mg and started CPR. Drilled him and started with...
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    Decorticate type posturing with normal GCS

    How can you score them a 6 on motor control with no sensation or movement in the lower extremities and no sensation and uncontrolled movement in the upper extremities???
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    What is the worst rookie mistake you've seen

    I had a new intermediate riding with me, we get a trauma call, she was so proud of getting her first 16ga IV while I was spiking the bag for her and getting vitals. She hooked the line up and it wouldn't flow real good, I look, and she put the IV in backwards. Luckily she got her 2nd Large bore...
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    EKG with 4 Lead

    3 or 4 lead generally go on the shoulders and lower abdomen, I have found it to have less artifact on our monitors and bouncing down the road. The V1-V6 go in their specific locations.
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    Getting started

    If an agency or organization expects you to respond POV and provide care, they can provide you with a bag and supplies.
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    Diluting Meds in Flushes? *poll*

    The only thing I can ad is if you are drawing your meds up in a flush, and pushing it through a lock, the patient is not getting the full dose of meds until you break out another flush to push the remaining meds out of the lock.
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    Drowning in Pool or Still Water Rescue

    You get dispatched to a possible drowning at a local hotel pool. You arrive to find a pediatric subject floating face down in the deep end. GO.
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    Previous suspended license haunting me

    If you have to carry SR-22 for 3 years, basically, I think, so would a place that employs you to drive their vehicles.
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    working as an EMT in a skirt

    This country is becoming too politically correct, the ways and beliefs of the masses have to bend to the ways and beliefs of the minorities, we need to have special rules and regulations on what folks can wear that doesn't conform to uniform policies. People that get a job in an industry that...
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    Ambulance stopped by ICE, PT's papers inspected, PT deported

    Yeah it's fraud. But why would the state issue the Medicaid card, or sign anyone up without the proper ID? I think that is one of the real issues, it isn't politically correct to fully identify folks signing up for entitlement programs anymore, lest we trample their civil rights and get...
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    Ambulance stopped by ICE, PT's papers inspected, PT deported

    Working in the ER, out in triage, I've seen patients come up to registration with a Mexico ID card and a Medicaid card.