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    Government agencies with IFT and wheelchair service?

    We wouldn't have thought about wheelchair, but we found out our local NGO mass transit provider is doing over 300 transports a week and can't even meet the demand.
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    Government agencies with IFT and wheelchair service?

    We're a physically large, but small rural county, with limited funding options... so we've just kind of started toying with the idea as a possibility.
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    Government agencies with IFT and wheelchair service?

    I'm just curious if I can get a list or links to government, not private EMS services, that provide IFT and even wheelchair services if possible.
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    Fla. Nurse Dispatcher Program Reduces Non-Emergent Transports

    Yeah essentially how it works most places is that once a call is determined to be omega or even alpha level (completely non emergent) they are transferred to a nurse line, which refers them to urgent care, arranges doctor appointments, and provide general care instructions. If they determine in...
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    Fla. Nurse Dispatcher Program Reduces Non-Emergent Transports

    IAED made the canned scripts about 5-6 years ago. Interestingly enough, Salt Lake City tried it and abandoned it. I think there are around 10 or so agencies using it or a version of it. The problem with using nurses is it prices small overtaxed systems right out of their markets... Personnally...
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    HEMS crash on X-Mas. Sick of posting this news.

    Fair enough, I’m not their biggest fan by any means. The only positive they had is speed since they’re just medic staffed, but with their change in practices, it can take upwards of 20 minutes for us to get a helicopter from 10 miles down the road.
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    HEMS crash on X-Mas. Sick of posting this news.

    I do have to say Maryland State Police Aviation, since 2008,seems to be on it from the safety aspect. But perhaps a lot of that has to do with being a state entity, and a for profit entity.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    We try with our EMS providers, especially since we’re a single county entity. We’ve all but given up on our volunteer fire departments and most of the LEOs. I wish more agencies did ride alongs/ sit ins that went both ways. My guys and gals do over 100 hours of ride alongs with each agency, and...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I get shop talk, etc. but perhaps before people start complaining about my comm center staff, without having any idea what the hell we are or were doing at the time of a call... They should probably learn who they are talking to... I’m not gonna hold it against them real long, but it’s not like...
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    Why EMS degree could be the standard come 2025

    I wanted to add some more food for thought, here are 3 degree outlines: AAS in EMS BS in Emergency Health Services (paramedic concentration) And a 3 year degree from Canada...
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    Becoming desensitized- what's your story?

    In the comm center I’m very quick to caution people when they come into interview for a position and say they can handle trauma. You never know whether something is going to stay with you. We all become not necessarily desensitized, but able to work past what we see, smell, and hear. But you...
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    Off-Road Patient Transport/Extrication

    Our response area is marshland and pine forest for backcountry, so we utilize a variety of solutions based on the situation here. Our agency runs 2 crew cab gators with medlite skids for events and when requested. One volunteer department has a 2 seater, same skid setup if our beasts can’t...
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    House arrest patient, any experiences?

    I assume a lot of it can depend on jurisdiction. We’ve had a few transported over my years in the comm center. Usually the monitoring service has called in to our PD and we just verify the incident, with them. In the event of an emergency they’re permitted to leave the residence.
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    Study Shows Black Children Less Likely to Receive Bystander CPR

    Yeah the finding of “we should increase CPR training” is pretty weak. Again anecdotally, but I think the cultural and learned responses are the bigger issues at play. The church calls are always interesting from our side. 10 people call, no one knows anything about the patient, and the prayer...
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    Why aren’t there Red Cross ambulances in the US?

    Yes, more along those lines. I just assume our deviation happens probably earlier than EMS, back to the literal days of just the ambulance driver. It might have been later, just not sure.