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    Paramedics For ukraine

    Early April 2022 I went. I was expecting to do a more dynamic job as a specific kind of veteran. I found a few PMCs and a government dude with a list of “unmet need” and took a 30 day contract. Mostly did kyiv-Lyiv critical care transfers, occasionally on to the Poland border. Every time at...
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    Paramedics For ukraine

    I went early April 2022. My DD214, certs and CV in hand. I luckily scored a PMC contract as a critical care paramedic. Spent two months there, had an awesome time. Then NGOs took over and “per diem.” Left early June 2023 after two months and miss there, but have twin boys that want to have a...
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    TR EMT looking to work in USA

    My apologies for opening an old thread. I relocated to Bodrum in January. If you are remotely close, PM me and I have a spare room I’d be happy to have you stay in for a week here in Ortakent. I can’t help you go to the US but I’m happy to have a brother visit. Cheers!
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    Working in Qatar

    I hate to bring back ancient threads but HMC is recruiting again AND I have permently, finally left Qatar in January 2023. The executives are extremely toxic. Working conditions are NOT as advertised and brutal. The system is extremely nationalistic, and has seriously degraded from 2015...
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    Who has leads on paid positions in/around Ukraine

    I haven’t logged in here in ages. Sorry for that. Went there last April, all my certs in hand and just looking to “do something.” When I arrived, there were a few PMC recruiters and a government dude with a list of “unmet needs.” I took a 30 day contract via PMC and mostly did critical care...
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    transferring EMT license to Pennsylvania

    The regional councils take NR easily to move there.
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    Masks post COVID-19

    I only wear one as required. simple masks do absolutely effing nothing for an airborne virus…. Zero. Leaks around the Bose, both cheeks, and does not screen in microns. Oh, that I had a functional vaccine for.
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    OK, it’s months late but Ive been super busy, distracted and not paying attention to some threads. Both my wife and I took the Pfizer (free). After the first one, I wanted to rip my arm off and beat the person who have the shot to me with it. Second, no problem. Mild general ache but meh...
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    Power Stretchers - Who's not using em?

    I have left working for the ambulance service in Qatar. They have (roughly) $27000US loading systems to help in/ out of the ambulance but manual Ferno stretchers
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    Working in Qatar

    For reasons I can't go into now, I no longer recommend it. Both Armor10 and I are leaving.
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    Refusal on possible SI patient?

    If the caller wants to file a petition to have law enforcement assist with an involuntary mental health evaluation (Pennsylvania 302), we’ll wait. I can not lawfully state “in the name of the department of health, I hereby medically detain and kidnap you.”
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    Did I cause barotrauma to a pt?

    Contrary to TV, most codes arent successful. CPR breaks bones and contuses stuff inside. Bagging patients while CPR is being done does cause damage to the lungs.. But, not doing that and dead is dead and not just "mostly dead." Decades ago, we had a frequent flier. Woman who would brady...
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    Can you genuinely get Manual Vitals in every scenario?

    There are a few times when you cannot get vital signs. Basically, when they don't have them Say: cardiac arrest, chainsaw massacre or all limbs blown off, they're glowing and the hazmat team is still trying to decon, before they've been brought of of the snake pit at the zoo, while you're...
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    Request for Info on Green/Eco Friendly Ambulance

    I've mostly heard of Sprinters with the Euro 6 engine. Solar panels to lighten the load and help. Or...
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    How many paramedics dump ice on hyperthemic patients in the field?

    a few years ago, I saw an ad on Ems world.. 3 year base contract. I’ve been here 5.25 years so far. Personal life, it’s insanely amazing and I now have fraternal twins to a complete Turkish babe. The system is amazing when it works, and is a dozen nationalities servicing three dozen...