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Paramedic TV shows

Discussion in 'International EMS' started by nswAU, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Steveb

    Steveb New Member

    At times I don't even know
    EMS Training:
  2. medic550

    medic550 Member

    So apparently you have to be an Intensive care paramedic to do a 12ld? Even though it looks like the regular medics have LP12, the ICP have 15's
  3. nswAU

    nswAU New Member

    This was before the change over, before Regular Paramedics held Zoll M series, the ICP's and ECP's had the Lifepak 12's. During the filming/just after, all couple thousand or so monitors in the service were uniformly changed to Lifepak 15's. With the change over telemetry data connections were installed to all ambulances for ECG transmission and for the patient records toughbooks.

    Anyway, back to the point, all paramedics can now run twelve leads and activate a STEMI call in field, not Just ICP's
  4. nswAU

    nswAU New Member


    haha, that series "HELP" is ancient Cira 2001ish I think :p

    The recruits series have beat that x10000
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