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What is the job outlook like for a new EMT-B?

Discussion in 'EMS Talk' started by redbull, May 18, 2010.

  1. redbull

    redbull New Member

    hi guys

    im holding down two part-time jobs now and i really want to get a full-time job with the ems after i get thru the program? whats the job outlook like? I read somewhere that hospitals / fdny does not like to hire EMT-B, only EMT-I and EMT-P? i live around nyc.
  2. TransportJockey

    TransportJockey Well-Known Member

    For the most part EMT-Bs are a dime a dozen, especially new EMT-Bs. Most ERs only like EMT-I/P, but some hospitals will hire EMT-Bs to basically work as CNAs on the floors
  3. redbull

    redbull New Member

    Ok, but what about ambulances
  4. dudemanguy

    dudemanguy New Member

    EMS Training:
    The job outlook for EMT-basics is bleak, and likely to get worse. But then again the rest of the job market aint doing so hot either.
  5. MusicMedic

    MusicMedic New Member

    Orange County, CA
    EMS Training:
    theres alot more opportunties in the East coast as opposed to the west coast for EMT-B's

    to the OP: did you look out of state? how far are u willing to go?
  6. redbull

    redbull New Member

    No, I live in Queens. I'm not gonna go out of state for an EMT-B job.
  7. redbull

    redbull New Member

    There was also an FDNY recruiter at the mall, I filled out one of the forms. They
    said they'd be contacting me before my class ends this summer. Is this just a tease?
  8. adamjh3

    adamjh3 Forum Culinary Powerhouse

    San Diego
    Is there anyone here in Colorado, how's the market/pay out there?
  9. redbull

    redbull New Member

    I'd like to be optimistic and say the job out look in nyc cant be THAT bad, I mean NSLIJ just started their EMT-B program this year. Why put all the time, effort, and money into this if there were no jobs?
  10. dudemanguy

    dudemanguy New Member

    EMS Training:
    I think the outlook is bad almost universally, regardless of location. It may be worse some places than others. A dozen students graduated from my class this past winter, not one is currently working as a paid EMT, despite the fact the school we attended has a reputation as the best in the state. This is in the midwest.

    As for why you would put the time, effort and money into it if there are no jobs. I guess because you want to be a paramedic and you have to be an EMT before you can go to medic school, or maybe because you just want some advanced first aid training and have some time and money to spare.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2010
  11. Sandog

    Sandog New Member

    San Diego,Ca.
    The catch 22 here is that you can't attend medic school without EMT experience which one may not get the opportunity. In another post someone suggested NCTI. As I am in the same boat, I may go this route.
  12. redbull

    redbull New Member

    Well I'm just hoping I get something, even if its with Senior Care or something thru a private company. Im in NYC so Im' hoping the location is beneficial to me.
  13. medic417

    medic417 The Truth Provider

    Might look at other colleges as not all require emt experience to start your Paramedic degree program.
  14. Pneumothorax

    Pneumothorax New Member

    EMS Training:
    so they can make money. do they have to guarantee job placement? if not, cha-chinnnng!

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