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Rosetta Stone

Discussion in 'EMS Lounge' started by Anonymous, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Member

    Has anyone used this program?

    Pros? Cons? Worth the money?
  2. DEmedic

    DEmedic Para-magician.

    EMS Training:
    Yes. Works great. Expensive. Takes time to study.
  3. JeffDHMC

    JeffDHMC New Member

    EMS Training:
    Rosetta Stone is a decent product bit depending on your goal not necessarily the best. I've used most products on the market and prefer Michel Thomas when it comes to strictly speaking a language. It's audio only so you don't get the instruction in reading/writing the target language.
    Check out "How To Learn Any Language" by Barry Farber. It's a good read w lots of great tips.

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