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Loud Noises and Seizures

Discussion in 'EMS Talk' started by LucidResq, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. LucidResq

    LucidResq New Member

    It seems a lot of calltakers in our 911 center believe that if someone is seizing or postictal, loud noises around the patient are absolutely the worst thing that could happen and will send the patient right back in to seizure or keep them seizing. Some will tell the callers on every seizure call almost immediately to keep everyone around the pt. quiet or else they will keep seizing or start seizing again.

    I even got my butt chewed a little for taking a seizure call and telling them the whole protect their head, don't hold them down, don't put anything in their mouth, any hx of seizure, are they breathing regime before instructing them to keep everyone quiet. And no, I didn't say to do that because it will make them seize.

    Of course I can see why having people calm and quiet around someone who is postictal and confused is a good idea, but am I missing something here? I know some people have seizure disorders that are triggered by certain lights, sounds, even music, but really? Where is this coming from? I just think people are focusing way too much on this idea that loud noise = seizures, rather than getting in stuff that's more important first, like their breathing status and making sure people don't put stuff in their mouth.
  2. MrBrown

    MrBrown New Member

    Are you using MPDS?
  3. LucidResq

    LucidResq New Member

    EMD... which I'm guessing is the American version of MPDS. Yes.

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