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KED Strap Order

Discussion in 'Education and Training' started by mjg0519, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. mjg0519

    mjg0519 New Member

    EMS Training:
    A thought crossed my mind last night, why do we do the straps on the KED device in the order we do (middle, bottom, legs, head, top)? Is there a particular reason for it?

  2. FF894

    FF894 New Member

    New England, USA
    EMS Training:
    Something else to be tested on. And the catchy "my baby looks hot tonight" among others

    I am sure that's how the manufacturer designed it to work most effectively to be tight. The device only works properly if very tight on the body and the order probably has to do with achieving the tightness. Thats just a guess with no supporting data whatsoever. B)
  3. DT4EMS

    DT4EMS Kip Teitsort, Founder

    Cartersville, GA
    EMS Training:

    One of the main reasons for the strap order that comes to mind is this............

    Since the KED is a spinal restriction device...... it is made of rigid material. Think of a Teeter Totter form when you were a kid..................

    If you attach the bottom strap first.......... what direction would the top of the KED go?

    Same if you secured the top strap first.

    So in principle............ the middle is the strap that would cause the least amount of shifting or leverage.
  4. mycrofft

    mycrofft Still crazy but elsewhere

    Central California
    Tummy as fulcrum

    If you fasten the head first, as is intuitive, then when you tighten the other straps it affects how tight the head hitch is. If you have the others done first, the head hitch will not need readjustment.
    Take a marker and write 1, 2, 3...big contrasting letters, and select a marker which will not degrade the straps.
  5. marineman

    marineman New Member

    Neenah, WI
    We were taught a different mnemonic and a different order for securing straps in our basic class. We were taught My Baby Has Great Teeth; middle, bottom, head, groin, top. It works on the same principle of keeping the pressure applied uniform so readjustment isn't needed, just a slightly different order.

    P.S. for the national registry the only requirement for strap order is that the torso is done before the head.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2008
  6. mycrofft

    mycrofft Still crazy but elsewhere

    Central California
    Learn the test, then learn the manufacturer's instrux, then what works.

  7. daimere

    daimere New Member

    We were told as long as you don't do the head first, you don't have to attach the straps any special order
  8. Linuss

    Linuss Active Member

    We were taught top, middle, bottom, legs, head.

  9. Ridryder911

    Ridryder911 EMS Guru

    If you were taught head first, you were taught wrong. Even by the manufacture and the man who designed it (yes, there is a real person named Kendricks).

    The reason is simple strap any non-movable device upon flexible parts and see what occurs. If you attach the head first, the chest piece will not be able to cinch down.
    Remember the sole purpose of a KED is to remove someone as an extrication device.. it is NOT a splint. It is supposed to be extremely tight, for removing the patient and then after patient is removed can be loosened.

    Middle strap is usually recommended for patient with potential chest injuries and then work caudally (towards the feet or distally) alike one should when applying wrapping/bandaging. Tightness starts at the core and then outwards.

    I suggest to look at the manufacture website. They have description, anything else would be local variances.

    R/r 911
  10. MagicTyler

    MagicTyler Member

    My Middle
    Baby Bottom
    totally top
    looks legs
    hot head
    tonight tight

    That's the way I learned... My instructor had a purpose for putting in the totally, but I can't remember what it was now. I think its because she said people were forgetting the top straps...
  11. W1IM

    W1IM New Member

    Berkshire County, MA
    EMS Training:
    My Baby Looks Too Hot

    Middle, Bottom, Legs, Top, Head

    You really think they would be able to decide on one way for something like this. Wait, what am I saying; nevermind.
  12. BossyCow

    BossyCow New Member

    Rural (no... really, really rural) Washington Stat
    EMS Training:
    Instead of following the order from an internet forum, use the order in your manufacturers instructions. Different models use different order and yes there is a reason for the order. Best way to see the importance of doing it correctly is to take drill time and do in incorrectly to see what happens.
  13. akflightmedic

    akflightmedic Well-Known Member

    Simple explanation, no need to complicate.

    I like the teeter totter analogy.

    My Baby Looks Hot Tonight.

    Middle to keep device in place.
    (You can go ahead and buckle the top strap but do NOT tighten it) This is where people get confused.

    Bottom strap.

    Since you are down there, do the legs.

    Now that the device is in place and secured at the bottom, secure the head as it is not going to alter the placement of the device at this point.

    Top...meaning you tighten that chest strap just prior to moving.

    You do not want to have that chest strap tight while you are doing the legs and head which are most time consuming, meanwhile your pt is struggling to take full breaths.
  14. flhtci01

    flhtci01 New Member

    Learned it as My Baby Likes To Hump
  15. scottyb

    scottyb New Member

    Upstate NY
    EMS Training:
    I too was taught Middle, Bottom, Legs, Head, Top.

    I was also taught that, according to our protocols, a extrication device should always be applied in accordance with manufacturer instructions. So, I guess, If you have one that is different, at least in NY, you apply what ever way that manufacturer says to.
  16. WarDance

    WarDance New Member

    EMS Training:
    I think it's because "My baby looks hot tonight" might be the best neumoic in EMS. Someone in my class also had a dance to go with it!
  17. AJ Hidell

    AJ Hidell New Member

    World Wide
    Obviously you never took Anatomy & Physiology.

    Wait until you get to the cranial nerves. :D
  18. DT4EMS

    DT4EMS Kip Teitsort, Founder

    Cartersville, GA
    EMS Training:

    AJ........... you wouldn't be talking about............. Oh,Oh,..........oh well....nevermind! Bwahahaha!

    I think you were...........

  19. xgpt

    xgpt New Member

    Northern Virginia
    EMS Training:

    We were told pretty specifically in my class that it didn't really matter what order we did it in...

    Does it really?

    I live in VA, did the requirements change? Can someone check this? I can't find anything...
  20. TransportJockey

    TransportJockey Well-Known Member

    As long as torso is done first, not as much. But it makes sense to do the middle first out of the torso straps.

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