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Airborne bloodborne pathogens test

Discussion in 'Education and Training' started by C.T.E.M.R., Oct 30, 2010.

  1. C.T.E.M.R.

    C.T.E.M.R. New Member

    just did mine today, passed like nothing, i just don't see why you need to get separate training for all ems/ff/hospital organizations/occupation if its the same test. i wouldn't mind doing it again for an other squad but it just seems like a waste of time to me . Whats your thoughts on it?
  2. Flight-LP

    Flight-LP Active Member

    Houston, Texas
    EMS Training:
    Critical Care Paramedic
    My thought would be to contract an airborne pathogen and then advise us if it is still a waste of time.

    Nothing that educates prevention measures is ever a waste of time.
  3. frostbiteEMT

    frostbiteEMT New Member

    Education, Education, Education. They say practice makes perfect and I completely agree with your standpoint Flight.
    What if BSI wasn't drilled into our heads? Would you say putting on gloves was a "waste of time" if the patient didn't look to be bleeding but when you assessed was pouring blood?
  4. C.T.E.M.R.

    C.T.E.M.R. New Member

    i understand its important, and yes bsi should be drilled in our heads but i think it should be like an every six month thing instead of once a year for every service you might run with, personally i use gloves for almost anything, and i always know where my mask is on the rig. i can understand your standpoint, some people just dont get it and dont use proper precautions

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