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Hi Chrls,

I have a couple questions if you don’t mind? I just graduated paramedic school and I am interested in a flight officer position with CHP, what is the timeline looking like right now? I understand you need to complete the academy then 2 years as a road officer, is their current openings for officers that have their paramedic? What is the schedule for a flight officer? 12/42?

Sorry for the delay, I haven’t logged in for awhile.

There are several flight officer/medic openings currently but there are also lots of patrol positions open too. The department prioritizes patrol spots over flying so the air program is pretty low staffing wise until the patrol side gets built back up.

We have 8 air bases and they work 4/10’s or a 9/80.
No worries thanks for the response chrls,
I get that the department prioritizes patrol positions as that is the backbone of the dept. Which air bases normally take the new flight officers? Also do protocols go off of what county your airbase is located in?
Hi, I saw your post form 2017 re: HCPC. I'm moving back to the UK having been a paramedic in the US for three years. I was wondering if you still had your application packet as an example of what they're looking for, particularly the details I will need to provide of my education. Any help you can provide would be really appreciated. **email address removed**
Hi there! I'm currently a medic in SC and will be moving to PA for school. I've seen your other posts helping others out with gaining reciprocity, and I have some questions on what exactly I need to do. Could you send me a DM please? Thanks
Hey sorry to bug you but been lurking on the forum to find anybody related to the king county medic one program, by any chance are you. Again sorry for the shot in the dark just looking for some guidance
Nope, I'm not in Seattle. Good luck, my friend.
hey not sure if youre still active but would love to bug you about medic one if you could spare a little time -pat
Hey I am applying to AMR in Palm Springs soon, If you could DM me I would super appreciate it to get some insight about the company and how things work etc.
would you be able to send a copy of the word document for all calls im trying to put something together so i can have a consistent narrative.thanks
both medical and trauma my email **email address removed**
Hello, All - I’m coming up on 67, originally from Delaware, moved to Idaho 2018, became involved in rural Ambulance & Fire Dept’s - now running with Salmon River Rural FD. Initially in an EMT class & running on ambulance as a student, but short of taking exam. Recently back to studying EMT manual in prep for exam. Also trained in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), as well as Active Shooter Response.
So I get a lot of profile posts here (and I barely check this btw) asking about McCormick hiring process. I'd love to help, but it's been 6 years since I was hired (Dec '16)(Plus I was only there for 1½ year until leaving in July '17 for my current FD job) There's been tons of changes (including the company itself being bought so management side is different). I really don't have any current useful info, sorry.
Hi Jim, my name is Kyle and I just applied to McCormick Ambulance as an EMT and I was just wondering how the hiring process really is.
How is the interview? And how long (how many hours) is the 5-day orientation? Do you know on what day and time the orientation starts of the week? Thank you so much in advance!
I'm honestly not too sure. Keep in mind it's been like 6 years since I was hired by McCormick (and 4+ years since I left), and I know things have changed a lot in the interim. I know when I got hired there was a two day interview process, and then the job offer and Orientation were all within a couple weeks. I honestly do not recall the schedule, but if hired they'll tell you exactly when and where you need to be.
But like I said, in the years since I left, there's been changes, the company was actually purchased by AMR's parent so a bunch of stuff changed on the management side, plus they gained new areas (Santa Monica) and the whole pandemic has hit staffing hard, so I imagine the entire hiring process has likely changed from what I went through, so I really cannot give any useful information on what it looks like nowadays
No worries! I appreciate your help and I understand that a lot could've happened in the past years. Have a good one.
Hello everyone, I'm starting Emt class next week and I am definitely looking forward to it. This will be my career change that I need in my life. Thanks for having me, Lenny6
I know this is an old post bud, but please tell me you still have this study material for the medic test?
Currently seeking information on obtaining Hawaii Paramedic Reciprocity from either NREMT, PA or NJ Paramedic licensure. Also looking for information on the hiring process for Honolulu City and County EMS.
Hi Jim! Currently in Paramedic Class in Pennsylvania, we follow the NREMT curriculum and will have NRP at the end of the class. Approx 1200 hours of schooling. Strongly considering moving to HI to work Honolulu City/County EMS. Do you know what the process is for an out of state applicant? How hard is it to get reciprocity and do they hire mainlanders often?
Hey, sorry but I can't help you on that, I really have zero idea how any of that admin process works