Will my age or medical deny being emt in Texas


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So I'm 40 and considering being an emt, tired of jobs and want a career. I'm also an insulin independent diabetic. It's pretty under control and currently seeing Dr's. Also live in Texas. Was wondering if anyone knows if too old or if disability would prevent me. Don't want to use credit card to pay for school and can't get hired. And I know all say can't discriminate based on whatever, but, real world. Thanks for any insight.


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I was your age when I made a similar decision. I can't speak to the diabetes part, but here are 10 points to consider:

1. Can you afford to be an EMT? It doesn't pay much and could be a lot less than you're used to making. Try matching revised income to expenses on paper before you have to do it for real.
2. Is your family on board? You're less likely to work regular hours in EMS than in most other professions; plus, you'll have new stressors and risks. If things aren't in good shape at home, they'll probably get worse.
3. Other than IDDM, are you healthy and fit enough for physical work?
4. Try this: List five things you don't like about your current job and five things you think will be better about EMS. Then get opinions from EMTs and paramedics about your expectations.
5. Do you like people, in general? Can you relate to unhappy strangers for 15-30 minutes, several times a day? If the answer to either is no, you'll be at a disadvantage in EMS.
6. Have you ever provided regulated services to the public in person, one on one? If not, you're looking at a big adjustment.
7. Do you have long-term plans involving finances, family, business, health, geography? How would EMS fold into those?
8. How flexible are you about sleep? Can you wake up in a hurry, be productive, go back to sleep, rinse and repeat?
9. How would you feel about taking direction from someone much younger than you?
10. Do you enjoy working closely with others, or are you more of a loner? The latter wouldn't fit as well in EMS.


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It depends what mean your diabetes is "pretty under control?"

Had many colleagues with diabetes. Some had insulin pumps. They did fine.

Good luck!


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ADA isn't a given. It only applies if you are denied a job you can do, based on requirements, not what you want to do.


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I was 42 when I did my EMT in Florida, I am now 59 and working as a standby rescue technician...age has NOTHING to do with it, if you want to do it - go ahead.


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Seen a few medics that have DM. They carry snacks. Some have the pumps installed. They manage , adapt and overcome