Whats cooking in the international contract world 2019?


Hey guy's,
whats cooking in the international contract world in 2019?
I'll post a few updates on rumors and contracts that I'm aware of. Feel free to post some of your own information.

UAE - National Ambulance Company lost the primary public emergency contract a couple years back. CEO left. Presently Abu Dhabi Police have the contract directly. No private company's. They have been on recruitment trips to South Africa as of late. I still know people from the UK and USA working there, salary is still around 80k a year with free housing/housing allowance. Paramedics only.

Iraq - Caliburn /
Janus Global Operations as been looking for people as of late for Erbil Iraq. Pay: $659/day 6 days a week and $52/day per diem 7 days a week. Work is outside the wire and PSS/Paramedic so kind of risky. 3 months on 1 month off. Must be prior service military and a current paramedic

Kuwait - George Washington University is recruiting again for Kuwait on KBOS contract ( EMS response on U.S. Military bases in Kuwait) No rotations, live in country.

Ukraine - The OSCE contract in Ukraine is up for bid again, it appears the winner will get it in October 2019. Lots of companies bidding on this at the moment, presently Global Rescue holds it. Appears contract terms now prefer Paramedics with critical care certification. Day rates range from 300-400 and there is a cash per diem for in country

Qatar - Hamad is still holding the fort down with their emergency response contract in Doha, mostly South African staff, have not seen any recruitment drives or contacts in the USA for a couple years or more

Kosovo - I see this pop up from time to time, not sure who has the contract currently, use to be on CHI's website. NATO/KFOR military personnel at Camp Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny, Kosovo. Pay was never very good from what I saw at the time.

Princess Cruises - Paramedics worldwide on cruise ships. Pretty crappy pay and schedule. I think they where doing 4 months on 1 month off or something like that and pay was around 3-3.5k per month. On the plus side, your lodging was covered and you got officers status. They still recruit from time to time but are notorious for not replying to applicants.

Afghanistan - Remote Medical International holding some of these contracts, all paramedics are inside the wire running a clinic on airfields. Not sure of the day rate or POC.

Saudi - No idea what happened to western medics on contracts out there. Last I heard King Faisal specialty hospital and National Guard hospital in Riyadh still recruited western paramedics for facility transports and ED support. I have not heard of a western paramedic being recruited or working for the SRCA doing primary 911 response in about half a decade. Alpha Star Aviation, Abu Dhabi Aviation, and PHI air medical have all had flight medic and pilot contracts with the SRCA for the past 10 years but I'm not sure who the flavor of the week is now. Pay use to be 60-90k depending on experience and education

Military Sea-lift Command hiring prior service Independent duty navy corpsman and 18 series medical guys to work on-board their merchant marine ships for 75k a year. Not sure of the schedule but they are recruiting on their website as of writing this.

PNG - Last I heard ISOS still holding down the fort for PNG with 1 month on 1 month off contracts 300-400 day rates but they where possibly losing the contract last I heard in the rumor mill.