What happened to Cypress Creek EMS?


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They always seemed to be at the forefront of EMS.

Axon bodycams, in-field blood work, strong education programs, the best equipment.

Where did they go wrong?


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Looks like they filed back in 2003 also.

I’m trying to dig into their chapter 11 filings…


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It looks like they had some issues getting funding from the ESD, as well as questions involving some of their billing practices...



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But…but…but…they were the EPITOME of EMS and TEMS. Just ask them…

”take Uber, it’s cheaper” 😂


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**wades in**

Whoo howdy.

So, Creek started going wrong when the leadership team of Brad England and Wren Nealy realized they could steal money. It really sped up when they were able to start siphoning away hundreds of thousands of dollars via Koronis Revenue Solutions, a company owned by Wren’s wife and chosen to bill for Creek by Creek leadership. And it was sustained by local, industry and political leaders who were all more than willing to ignore integrity in favor of some reflected basking. People lined up to respect the Creek leadership team, and it made them more brazen.


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I wonder what happened to that EMT that we told not to go work there but she went anyway?
I think she got fired. Not really a bad thing, I got canned myself from there. It’s kind of their thing.

Wren fired most of the loyal people out of nowhere a few weeks ago though. No warning, no WARN Act notice, and over the phone/email to dozens of the most loyal people they had. Folks who burned their bridges with ESD-11 EMS as a loyalty pledge to Cypress Creek got abandoned. And apparently they’re not paying out PTO accrued and have declared bankruptcy? Defenders say it’s a business necessity; but firing someone via email and then lacking the personal integrity to even answer basic questions (apparently “his lawyer won’t let him communicate until this is all resolved”) shows me who they are. They were at conference though, plugging away like nothing happened.


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So going a bit deeper in this and in no particular order:

-Brad and Wren established a reputation as playboys and people whom did not fully and habitually answer questions about money.
-ESD11’s board enables this for many years, to the point of campaigning for their seats on “we won’t rock the boat”; which emboldens Creek.
-Transition to Koronis Revenue Solutions as the biller, a company owned and operated by Susan Nealy, spouse of Wren Nealy, reportedly a sole bid and replacing a competitor. Worse performance, more expensive. Don’t know why they were chosen.
- Private loans to CCEMS and officers thereof backed by ESD-funded collateral, murky titles to vehicles, allegations of loans taken out by Creek against buildings and land owned by ESD without the knowledge of ESD. Money is going missing at this point.
-Creek sues, a lot, to restrict accounting efforts by ESD and commissions their own “investigation”, which is unsatisfactory to ESD because Creek only permitted partial examinations.
-ESD flushes its toilet and replaces the pro-Creek no-boat-rockers, starts asking questions seriously.
-Creek doesn’t use ESD money allocated to Powerloads for Powerloads at all, is billing ESD for dispatchers used by other ESDs on their side business, and transitions to Maestro self-funded health coverage while continuing to pocket $ from ESD programmed for employee healthcare. Also, Creek gets blood.
-I get canned after asking where Powerloads are and rocking the boat.
-Creek spends 2019/20 fighting investigations at every turn.
-Fleet gets caught using ESD time, parts, fluids, space and equipment for a side business. Tony gets canned as the fall guy.
-Response times plummet, ESD starts withholding dollars based on lack of CCEMS compliance, Creek continues to not make all employee health payments as committed and stagnates fast. Brad leaves with a huge severance. Wren promotes.
-HCESD11 MHC bids go out, best and most expensive one is chosen, ESD11 goes all-in on a public service. Creek is issued notice of termination.
-A year long pity party and Creek goes deep on trying to apply their reputation to high performance/high volume IFT, while smudging everyone else in that very crowded market, and with a sun setting 911 primary operation. Most employees leave for ESD.
-Creek tries to convince seasoned IFT that a core of newish/super loyal urban medics accustomed to tiered generic EMS is the best solution for long distance fixed wing air clinical medicine and pulls it off. Allegedly. AirCare and GroundCare are their IFT trade names and they brag about successfully pivoting from 911 to IFT.
-Surprise holiday season purge of 70% of remaining employees, most of whom defiantly burned ESD11 bridges in 2020 at the request of Wren.