What did you do after leaving EMS as a field provider?


Just curious if anyone has left EMS and changed careers? If so, what do you do know and how do you like it compared to EMS?

Also, if you left the field but are still involved in administration or training ect.


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I left the field full-time and am now a regional EMS Educator.

I'm in an M.Ed program, running a rural EMS education initiative, a mobile simulation program, overseeing a HazMat ALS unit, speaking at multiple national conferences, and doing a fair amount of project work as a consultant. I just signed an agreement to teach a series of courses that will net out around 25k to each instructor this year. And that's a part-time side hustle. Life outside of the ambulance has never been richer or more fulfilling. Money, benefits, and opportunity are far greater than anything a single EMS agency could provide.

The biggest mistake I see with a job like this is when medics think, "I don't want to work in the field anymore, so I'll be an educator..." Horrible decision. I became a paramedic a dozen years ago with the intent of moving to education at a regional or state level. The fieldwork, while utterly enjoyable was the means to the end. This type of position isn't a fallback, it has to be a goal that's fueled by professional development the whole way.

Education and relationships are key. Promise what you know you can deliver, then over-deliver on the promise. Followthrough and customer service are so notoriously bad these days, that you will quickly rise to the top of your area of expertise if you can actually deliver on what you say, in a timely manner, and on budget.

I am frequently approached to take on new projects and receive a call from a recruiter at least once a month. There are lucrative opportunities for well-connected, respected EMS professionals. However, It takes time to cultivate your brand and have your experience vetted. It was a long, involved process to get where I am.


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I'm still trying to figure out how to build my brand.


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I'm a Sr Security Analyst in a Fortune 50 company's Cybersecurity department. better hours, better pay, less heavy lifting. I'm liking it.


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I never left but I did leave full time EMS, went to IT then nursing.


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I’ve obviously been posting quite a bit about my journey through RN school. I will hit time in pension in 3 years, so I’ll be working part time as a nurse until then.

At that point I’ll either pursue NP school, CRNA school, or focus on getting some more experience and go back to the helicopter as a flight nurse.


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A couple of the ambos I've known have got out. One upgraded to becoming a doctor and is probably a psychiatric registrar by now. The other became a teacher. I used to work with a bunch of docs and nurses who left hospital practice (acute care specs) to work in medical repatriation including coordination or in Control (nurses).

I decided not to continue through with medicine. I'd be either a senior house officer or first year reg now. It was quite a hard decision and I recently had a bit of a self doubt fuelled cry but I know it was the right thing to do. I'm honestly not sure you could pay me enough to do clinical work with all the downsides it has.

I sometimes wear a suit, it's just not orange and doesn't have DOCTOR written on the back. And that's ok. I'll admit I was super passionate about becoming a doc. And that too is ok, you have to be passionate about something in life I suppose. Honestly the parallels to being an SHO/junior reg are many, but there's just no actual blood or PR exams and deciphering what Parliament really meanr is harder than reading a bad quality chest film it seems 😅
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