Volunteer Recruitment


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Our township just launched a major volunteer recruitment campaign.

The local news channel covered it, but I can't link it because you need a local cable account # and password for access.

Anyways, here's the fancy schmancy website - I know most of the people pictured. There are 12 Fire Departments and 2 Ambulance Corps in our township (which is about 1/6 of the County).



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We honestly haven't done much recruitment over the past few years because we've been getting plenty of interested people showing up without it...enough so that we're staying at or near our maximum number even with attrition. Yes, I know, that can be risky when your pool starts to dry up, but the fact that we're the only all-volunteer department in the County tends to draw people.

The biggest problem we have is that quite a few of the people (when they first come around) don't live in our required area (in town or within 2 miles of the center of town) and its very expensive to live here, even to rent. I'd say only 1 out of every 5 new members is a homeowner...and most of the rest move to town just to be on the department, which means they're more apt to move out and leave the department.