VERTX pants

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I have three pair of VERTX pants. One in Navy, one in Khaki and one in Tan. They're all 36x32.

I love the pants, but they're cut a tiny bit small for me. (I wear a 36 in my uniform pants, but in the VERTX, I'd wear maybe a 37 or 38.)

So, my loss is your gain. I bought them, wore and washed them and now I can't return or swap them... so I'd like to unload 'em.

They retail for $50 bucks (or more) depending on where you buy 'em.

I'll sell 'em for $20 each, or $50 for all three. Buy all three and shipping is free!

Here's some info and reviews. These are truly the BEST tactical pants I've ever worn. Not super "taci-cool", but really comfy and look great! And yeah, the navy pants make great EMS pants.

PM here please if you're interested!
Not open for further replies.