Thoughts on being a Medic/RN


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I pretty much have gotten the same response from everyone I’ve talked to saying that I should just skip medic and go straight from emt to RN, but I wanted to share my thoughts and ask for input. Any flight nurses input would also help a lot.

Ive been with AMR for almost a year and recently transferred to AMR Riverside from Doctor’s Ambulance in OC. I think a career goal I have is to be a flight Nurse and from my research it’s better to have a Medic and RN and in CA it’s pretty hard to challenge the Medic Cert as an RN.

I’ve been looking into NCTI with AMR and MVC’s medic school for the fall. I’m about to finished my associates degree with all my prereqs for nursing this month so I’m technically ready for Nursing school all I need is to take the teas and apply.

My predicament is that I love EMS so much that I really do want to be a medic and honestly I value experience more than pay. Im in this field because I love helping people regardless of the pay as cheesy as that is. I’m only 21 so I’m still pretty young and don’t see why I can’t branch out and do multiple careers.

I just feel like it’d be awesome to work as a medic at a fire department and also work per diem as an RN in the ER. There’s something that I just like about being in the field, but I also really do enjoy the bedside patient care that RN’s provide.

Just looking for input from people. I know I sound insane for wanting to be both lol. And as for cost of schooling. I’ve saved enough money from my time as an EMT to pay for medic school outright. I also live at home and don’t plan on moving out anytime soon due to my mom passing away this year and not wanting to leave my dad alone.

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Get your RN.

You’re not in love with EMS. You’re in awe of it.
Laguna Nigel does not bring the same call volume or types of calls Riverside County will. Get your RN and then your medic if still want it. 25 y/o you will thank you.


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It's easier to go from RN to Medic than it is to go from Medic to RN.

In regards to flight, in states like Kentucky where you can only do scene flights with a Medic, being dual licensed with 3 years ICU or ER experience as an RN) will make you a very sought after unicorn.


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I say get your RN. Working as a medic I love it but it definitely is not a career option, especially in so cal, unless you get on with a big fire department.
You could do medic then do fire and then go RN but saying you live in area you know how competitive fire is down here and till that happens you will be living off a medic salary which is not 100% ideal ( I have to work two places to make ends meet 🤷🏻‍♂️)


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I’m going through RN now. If you can swing it, do RN now as a full time student and not while trying to work full time. I consider myself a good student and a smart guy, but RN school has been a real struggle while working full time..


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Long time Paramedic here who finally went and got RN. Only thing I can say is I wish I had done it 20 years ago...I kept making all the young EMS'er BS excuses for reasons to not go and I allowed life to get in the way when I could easily have made it a priority and completed it then.

EMS and Paramedicine will ALWAYS be there...and it will be much easier for you to go back and get Medic later if you want to get a pre-hospital fix. Or you may find nursing is where it is at and leave EMS in the dust. Regardless, if RN is up for consideration, do that first. Your wallet will thank you. There are many other benefits aside from finances of course, just know my opinion is do it now. Then circle back later if becoming a Paramedic is still calling to you.

Nursing = Less Hours to yield More Money.
Paramedic = Ton of hours + overtime reliance to yield less money.