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Symons Ambulance

Discussion in 'EMS Employment' started by ANissan951, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. ANissan951

    ANissan951 Forum Ride Along

    hello all, I have an interview tomorrow with Symons Ambulance I know it’s an IFT company and an event EMS provider. But I was wondering if any of you guys that work there and could give a little insight? Such as pay, company morale, opportunities, etc.
  2. DesertMedic66

    DesertMedic66 Forum Troll

    I worked there for about 2 months right after I got my EMT license. Back then the IFT and event side were completely separate and you were not able to work both (not sure if that is still the same)

    In 2011 the pay was exactly minimum wage for EMTs and not any better for medics. Had to be 21+ to drive the ambulances due to insurance reasons.

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