Suggestions sought - for handicapped


Opheophagus Hannah Cuddler
An adults assisted living facility. The residents are classified as discarded. No money, no family assistance. The government assistance, about $20 per person per month goes straight to paying staff and upkeep.
The place is neat and clean, occupants well cared for, but bare bones. Only around 4 of the 40-50 occupants have televisions. Aside from the facility buildings, tables and chairs, and kitchen, there are no amenities.
Nearly all occupants are non ambulatory, wheel chairs, and many have severe range of motion restrictions. - MS, MD, CP, CVAs, amputees etc.

There is no form of entertainment at the facility. None. The other day I took them a 1000 piece picture puzzle and it was like Christmas came early. (A priceless treasure, a woman without arms pushing a puzzle piece into place with her nose and her stump, insisting she do it herself).

Any suggestions as to other similar forms of entertainment they could enjoy? It has to be ultra low maintenence as staffing already has their hands full. Additionally, any suggestions where I could look for more quality picture puzzles like that Big Ben edition? Seems that the only picture puzzles made today are for small children.

Thanks for giving this your attention.

PS This is the usual under the radar NGO plus charitable effort and as such, the name no names of place or persons is permitted. Exceptions must be cleared by management and the government oversight authority.
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Have you ever made an appointment with a Federal, State or Local Elected Official, (other than the oversight folks), and asked for help?

Its free and They might surprise you.

At the minimum, maybe they can help put together a Media Event to cultivate public support.