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Chris EMT J

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I have found that the better my scope, the better I hear. I use a Littman Cardiology II and more recently a Master Cardiology. They're expensive, but I won't use a cheap scope on patients that I am responsible for, unless it's the last resort. I have also never had my scope stolen nor have I ever lost one. People do lose them, but mostly because of their own fault.

I like my Cardiology II on most calls, but on calls with serious cardiac issues, I usually listen with my Master Cardiology. I can hear heart tones and murmurs (if they're present) much more clearly. On most calls however, the MC picks up a lot of surrounding noise.

Trust'll notice the difference the first time you use a good scope.
I actually just got a master cardiology scope!


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I have an ADC Adscope 600 Platinum Cardiology scope and love it. Great depth of sound.
Lifetime warranty. I got it as an open box deal "Used-Like New" on Amazon for around $60.
There are some good deals if you do not care about the color on both Amazon Warehouse and Ebay.
I also have a waist-pack (LINE2design "EMS Medical Fanny Pack")that I keep it in(without crushing or over bending)
as well as a few other essentials like a notebook, pens, extra N95, gloves,
vapo-rub, and cough drops.