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Hi EMS Family,

I just passed my EMT exam, (and renewed it after 5 years off the job) and was advised by a fellow EMT to consider applying for an indoor local venue up here to do standby at events, like concerts or sporting events and the such. I would like to apply for it, but am not sure if a) this (or any) venue would take a "new-ish" EMT, and b) what kind of EMS calls could occur? If any of you do/have work(ed) standby, I'd appreciate advice. Thanks.


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funny you should mention this.... I was just writing an article on this exact topic.

a) it all depends. for the stand alone event sponsored agencies, getting hired is often more by word of mouth and referral. that isn't to say you can't get hired without knowing someone, but it's often difficult to know how to apply. that being said, there are some agencies that post their jobs online and others that have the local EMS agency provide EMS coverage.

b) all types. cardiac, respiratory, intoxication, overdose, unconscious, falls, you name it, it happens. That being said, it's either acute trauma or exasperation of a chronic issue, but it can be almost anything.

I think event EMS is a lot of fun. It's generally just first response, and transport the patient to the first aid area, or if they are sick, call for transport. I worked a football game this past September, and we ran from incident to incident from kickoff until halfway through the 4th quarter. the following game my team saw one patient. It all depends, just like in regular EMS.

one word of caution: some sketchy companies will hire you as an independent contractor. this means they won't cover you under their insurance if something bad happens. others will want you to bring and use your own EMS equipment. Go with a reputable company, not a fly by night company that suddenly won the contract for that specific venue.


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I volunteered for Rockmed in the SF Bay Area for year. They did a lot of concerts and events. The majority of people we saw were just had too many to drink or drug problems.


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I work for two companies that provide on site staff. One is a first aid type that responds to emergency calls within the facility. Most of what we do is hand out band aids and OTC meds. We get the occasional medical or trauma call The other staffs an MICU at sporting events like runs, extreme sports, and auto races. Mostly trauma, but the occasional medical emergency. I get paid to watch races. Call myself a paid spectator. Both beat sitting on street corners waiting for the next call. After 40 years I enjoy the slower pace.