SMFD Rescue Ambulance (RA) 41


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Well, just got cleared this past week to staff the ambulance (I've driven it before, but only to the hospital on transports Code 2), so I thought I'd post a pic of my "new set of wheels" sitting in front of my house today.

Pretty typical Type II ambulance. Ford E-350 diesel, manufactured by Leader Emergency Vehicles.

Our second ambulance, RA241 is a slightly older model, essentially the same, but with a white top and slightly different cab and patient compartment configuration. Leader actually has a picturer of RA241 (back when she was RA41) on their website on their Ambulance Series page.


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Very nice, I'm a fan of the all-red, to me it looks more professional.

Our BLS trucks are just like those. I actually prefer the Type IIs to the larger "Mods" because they actually have more room up front, where I spend most my time.

Our company has a website with several pics of our BLS, ALS, Critical Care, and First Responder trucks, I'll see if I can get permission to post pics.

Very nice though, thanks for sharing.