Short Term vs Long Term Employment

Is it better to market myself as a long term employee or short term or is there no difference

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Ian Dootson

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I am going to interview with AMR in Seattle this week and I am wondering if they hire short term employees. I am still going to school so i would have to go back in a few months. However, i would be willing to take some time off school if i had to. Will they still consider me for short term or should i expect to be taking a break from school?


Pot or Kettle? Unsure.
Good luck. There is a glut of EMTs in Seattle at the moment. AMR just closed the Rural Metro branch in Snohomish county and there's over 100 EMTs out of work, as well at the crop that just graduated from North Seattle and the other community colleges.

Last thing you want to do is give them a reason not to hire you. I wouldn't say anything about short or long term. :)


Dodges Pucks
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Employers do not want to invest in someone who is just going to leave. If you'll stay part time that's one thing, but otherwise you'll make yourself un-hirable.

Intentionally seeking fulltime employment when you know your tenure will be short and then leaving will do not well for references. So that puts you in a bit of a bind...