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Serious question I'm worried about

Discussion in 'NREMT' started by Ferrari, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Ferrari

    Ferrari Forum Ride Along

    I received my EMT basic in December but still haven't taken my NREMT. I got accepted into the intermediate program this upcoming summer. Unfortunately though, about a month ago I was arrested for a DWI. I'm by no means proud of it but I want to keep moving forward in EMS. The case is still pending and nothing has happened yet. But I'm worried it will affect my ability to take the NREMT and also move on to the intermediate program. Does anyone know how this stuff works?
  2. NomadicMedic

    NomadicMedic formerly DEmedic

    Call your intermediate program coordinator. You’re better off being informed by the people who know, rather than an internet full of people who can only guess.
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  3. hometownmedic5

    hometownmedic5 Forum Asst. Chief

    If you’re convicted, at least in Massachusetts, you’re out of the game for 7-10 years. Nobody around here hires tech only positions. Without a drivers license, you’re unemployable and once you get your license back, you’re unemployable for several years. As far as getting your ticket, you might be able to sneak it through while your case is pending, but they’re going to yank it if you get convicted.

    If you have money, you might be able to get it knocked down to reckless driving or something, which while less than a DUI is still going to make you unemployable for the foreseeable future. Your only hope is a not guilty or dismissed finding. Even a CWOF is going to make it very hard for you to get licensed and working.

    Sorry to be the one to tell you the hard truth, but that’s the situation, at least how it would play out in Mass. Other states, who knows. There are states that don’t require AEDs on ambulances. Maybe they don’t care who’s driving them either...

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