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A department that has 10 paid staff...1 Chief, 1 Capt, 1 LT and 7 Firefighters.

1. She never should have been hired with that background.
2. This is NOT the first time she has gone missing while on duty, yet remains employed.
3. She brought a gun to the station in the past and remained employed.

System failure. The Chief needs to be fired as she had full knowledge of the past events and record. Claiming she did not know about the current event does not excuse the pitiful leadership.

Latarsha ROSS Shelton is the Chief.
Bryan ROSS is the Captain.
Gwenda is great friends with them.

A news article showing how they managed to get new gear last year which also had links to their Facebook, confirms their identities and relationships. Basically, all I am implying/stating is this seems to be a very small town FD (pop 5000) and the Chief who also owns and operates a Driving Academy is good friends with all the staff and is sweeping everything under the rug. If I cared to dig any deeper, I am sure I would find familial links (cousin, extended family, etc).

The Chief LaTarsha Shelton.jpg

The Firefighter in question


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epic systemic failure. Chief should be terminated. FF should be fired also.

FF has prior issues, and should have never been hired. Since she was hired, there were issues, and she kept her job. And the captain has had issued with this firefighter previously.

Even if the Chief didn't know about the recent issue (which is possible), keeping this person on the department after previous issues shows very poor judgement, and a lack of what is going on in her organization. The department is 10 people total; it's inexcusable to claim ignorance. Being a small rural department is no excuse.

Interesting is not the term I would use... more like embarrassing.

The Chief is only a part time employee, so it's likely others are part time as well. It's possible that FF was "on duty" but they allow the on duty personnel to take the vehicle home at night, vs staying at the station. So maybe FF taylor was just having fun with friends. and maybe the PD did start the complaint and investigation and no one at the PD ever contacted the chief. it's possible. In either case, Ms. Taylor should be terminated for her actions, and the chief should be replaced to allowing this type of behavior to continue.

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