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Discussion in 'Military/Tactical/Wilderness EMS' started by RocketMedic, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. RocketMedic

    RocketMedic King of the Improbable

    Critical Care EMT-P
    Hello, I'm a paramedic, veteran and grad student working on a project. I'm looking for some current and former 68Ws and similar personnel to answer some questions.

    1. As a medic, what sort of sustainment training do you do in your unit? (medic table training, specific labs, etc) How well is it received?

    2. How many *acute* patients (those whom need some form of EMS) do you see in an average year, what are you able to do for them, and in what context are you seeing these patients (garrison, deployment, TMC, ED, etc)

    3. With the current education and training that you are receiving, how well are you able to function as a medic? Are there things that you find yourself forgetting due to a lack of exposure, repetition or opportunity to train?

    4. What would you change about your medical training? Why?

  2. StCEMT

    StCEMT Forum Deputy Chief

    Don't know if you have since I haven't looked, but if you haven't, this would be a good post to put on Reddit. I know you'll get a bunch of 68W's over there.

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