psych pt.


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we sometimes forget that mental illness is still an illness.
it is a disease that affects the brain. Mental illness can affect anyone at anytime for no reason. Do we laugh and make fun of people with cancer. I'd hope not, so why do we
poke fun of people with a mental illness. i'm disgusted with the way some medics
treat mental pts. they treat them like they are nobody. these people are the loved ones of someone and should be treated as such. would you want some one not giving their best care, if it was your family member. I have come to the conclusion that its a lack of understanding of the mentally ill pt that is causing people to act disrespectfull to them and not give them the best possable care.

ok i'm done now

(steps off the soapbox)


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Anyone who is disrespectful to a patient should be written up, end of story. I've had patients curse at me, spit at me, and/or give me the finger, and I have always treated that patient with respect (even though it is questionable whether or not they deserved it).