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Paramedic Programs in SOCAL.

Discussion in 'Education and Training' started by LaCoEMT92, May 19, 2017.

  1. LaCoEMT92

    LaCoEMT92 Forum Probie

    I am currently looking around for paramedic programs that I do hope to attend next year or in 2019 since I do want to save up as much as possible to avoid getting a big loan or a loan alone.

    I live in LA County but I would be willing to go as far as Bakersfield College since I heard they have a pretty good program. There are schools like MT. SAC, UCLA, PTI, and I think there is one in Ventura. I also heard of University of Antelope Valley by Palmdale/ Lancaster.

    Has anyone attended any of these schools? If so, what was the experience but most importantly, costs of the program and if possible, what is the scheduled days if any?
  2. NPO

    NPO Forum Asst. Chief

    My personal opinions: skip mtsac, UCLA, PTI and NCTI. Each has made good medics. But I've heard a lot of complaints from each.

    Ventura and Bakersfield have great programs. Ventura has requirements including verified 911 EMT experience, and academic prerequisites including biology, chemistry, math, anatomy and physiology. You will get an associates degree.

    Bakersfield is a 1 year didactic program and will get you everything (less general education) for an associates. Only entry requirement EMT and CPR certification.

    If money is an issue, as it was for me. Hall Ambulance will pay for you school. There are lots of threads on Hall. Message me for details or use the search function.

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  3. Qulevrius

    Qulevrius Nationally Certified Wannabe

    1) MtSac - AAS in Prehospital Medicine. Cons - somewhat hard to get into.
    2) NCTI - avoid at all cost.
    3) Ventura - avoid. I've spoken to several people who went through their programme and the consensus was that it's a death-by-Power Point, you-make-your-own-programme type of deal.
    4) UCLA - it's a LAFD medic mill. Pros - the medic programme will count as academic credits for West LA/Santa Monica colleges. Cons - very limited # of seats for non-FD applicants.
    5) Bakersfield - good programme all around. Cons - have to either move to Bako or commute. HALL has a good reputation, but getting sponsored is not guaranteed.
    6) Antelope Valley - avoid. It's a few multitude of times worse than Ventura.
    7) Victorville - good programme. Cons - same deal as with Bako, only without HALL.

    These are the ones people usually apply to. I'm sure I missed a couple.
  4. RocketMedic

    RocketMedic Just Like Otters!

    Y'all should try Houston.
  5. DesertMedic66

    DesertMedic66 Forum Troll

    If you are able to commute I would consider giving Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa a look. They offer an AAS in Emergency Medical Services. It's around $4,000 from your first payment till the time you have your state medic license in hand.

    It's 3-4 days a week for 10-12 months depending on which program you are in (full time or part time). They have never had any student wait for more than a week to get a preceptor for internship. They have no contracts with ambulance companies or fire departments so everyone is on the same level. There is no "we have 15 spots for county fire and the rest are for anyone".

    The cons are right now the program is going thru some staffing changes so there will be some new faces in the department.

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