NREMT to BCEHS cert level?


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I'm a high schooler in Virginia currently slated to get my EMT (if i pass the NR, fingers crossed) in July of this year. I'm currently looking at some possibilities for college to get a paramedicine degree or something similar and I recently came across JIBC (Justice Institute of British Columbia) in Canada. BCEHS is an agency I've always wanted to work for and I never really considered it a possibility. However, after reading a bit on here it looks like I might just be able to get there with the right training and work ethic.

Now, I want to be careful not to jump to medic super quick, that way I have time to get used to BLS and EMS as a whole. Sidenote, I am a member of a volunteer EMS agency so I am getting experience prior to the test, however as a probie it doesn't carry much weight.

I want to make sure I put myself in the right position, so does anyone know how an NREMT-B cert would match up to the BC system? Also do you recommend I get my medic down here and transfer or get the cert up there?

Any advice on this would be greatly appriciated.