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NJ School Bus crash

Discussion in 'EMS-Related News' started by NysEms2117, May 20, 2018.

  1. NysEms2117

    NysEms2117 ex-Parole officer/EMT

  2. DrParasite

    DrParasite The fire extinguisher is not just for show

    I heard about this, and when I looked at the pictures, the first thing I saw was how the bus was separated from the chassis. From everything I know about school bus extrication, that shouldn't have happened (I know, duh); it must have been a huge impact from the dump truck to do that.

    Current thinking the school bus driver tried to make a U turn on Rt 80. Having driven that road many times, I can only hope that their thinking is incorrect, as that would be an extremely dangerous maneuver to make in a car: I can't imagine doing that in a bus.

    One thing I'd like to highlight:
    many of us grew up with no seatbelts on school buses, but this is likely a great example of how they do save lives.

    Lets be honest here: This was an MCI, with 45 injuries, with multiple fatalities, multiple critical, multiple ejections, and a lot of injured kids. It would tax almost every system. While I'm sure there will be some "lesson's learned." which can be found after every major incident, it sounds like they did a pretty good job during an incredibly chaotic scene.
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  3. EpiEMS

    EpiEMS Forum Deputy Chief

    Curious if that actually helped or not. Thinking about most of the MVC injuries that I've seen, I can't imagine how much help they'd be?

    Certainly agreed - seems like the system had good resources (MCI units, ambu-bus) there.
  4. johnrsemt

    johnrsemt Forum Deputy Chief

    People stopping to help;

    Slowing traffic down, keeping kids calm, keeping kids from running away from the bus.

    I think most people that stop are very helpful; some aren't; But some 1st responders don't do well when the s**t hits the fan either

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