My Girlfriend died after Paramedics said she was fine. How bad of a screwup is that?

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Ok, I am not an EMT. Nor any type of medical expert. I have a friend from high school who is, although he moved away. I believe the friend I met him through is still in town working as an active police officer. I experienced a tragedy in Mid 2019. Im not here to ask for pitty or tell a sob story. I just joined because I want to ask those in the profession how common or how severe this incident is from those well versed and experts in the medical profession. I also need to mention I have very high functioning Autism and OCD, so it can limit my ability to assess social or liability contexts. It involves the paramedics and a business analyst and some concerning personal conduct with the homeowners association he is a board member of.

My girlfriend was a survivor of a brain hemorrhage she had about a decade before her death. On the final days of July 2019. The heat in the greater Denver area was sweltering. I am a mechanical engineer, but without any co ops or internships in college, was having some difficulty finding work as an engineer out of college. I took the chance for a job interview as an online sales representative at a nearby Subaru dealership who thought having a young engineer on the team would be a potential selling point and asset. Returning from the interview, my girlfriend called to ask how it went. I was pretty sure I had got the job. I told her I wanted to stop by the university's library to get on my facebook to clean up my account as I may have to represent the dealer and possibly some correspondence with Subaru corporate. She and I agreed to go to the store later that night to get food. She never responded to calls or texts. The next morning I called 911. I was hesitant because her ex was involved in LEO, and Ill just say from the sounds of it, he didnt seem to take ethics to heart like my high school friend does. So she does not like police. I decided to call anyways. That is when she was pronounced deceased. I was then even investigated into her death just alittle prior to the autopsy confirming it was another brain hemorrhage that killed her. She had to take a ton of medications daily to manage this issue after she survived the first one.

Here is the issue. Because my girlfriend and her best friend did not want to worry me during the job interview, they refrained from informing me that her friend, a liscenced psychotherapist, called a wellfare check the day before. The paramedics checked on her, and talked to her. They said "shes fine dont worry too much". My girlfriends friend said to them "I am a psychotherapist and registered nurse and I think there is more genuine concern than you realize. She really doesnt seem fine in my opinion please try to ask her to consent to the hospital" It sounds like the paramedics were somewhat apathetic to it, dismissed it and left soon. She died that night. Due to the police calling and questioning me 2 weeks later, when I was sleeping, my anxiety levels went up. I also had a car in my own driveway at my house where the registration tag had expired. The car was covered, and it was my pride and joy, it was well kept and waxed and in my own driveway at my house which we own. I also studied its design and engineering heavily as it was a Toyota model that Lean manfuacturing/Lean healthcare was heavily influenced on after MIT IMVP studied its manufacturing practices for the book "The Machine that Changed the World." My HOA, which a hospital business analyst is on the board of (Homeowners Association), had gone and lifted up the car cover to look the plates up around the time I attended my girlfriends memorial. They then sent a letter threatening to fine me 50 dollars a day if the unregistered car was in my driveway any longer, with no courtesy letter first. The treasurer of the HOA is a business analyst at this hospital. I called and decided to complain about all this today. Because I was actually diagnosed with PTSD from what the HOA did to me about a car I cared alot about, within 2 months of my girlfriend dying, and within a week or two of her funeral. That is when I was told the Risk Manager is going to investigate.

I have autism, and I didnt know as I am very high functioning, so i didnt learn I was autistic until 2020. Years back, the HOA messed up because my dad mailed paper checks in snail mail to them when they tried to set up some type of online autopay. They screwed up how notices were sent. They werent seeing our payments because they werent checking the mail. My dads car in our driveway (townhouse with single house style driveways, we have a 3 car driveway) had a slightly deflated tire. Without specifying that as the issue, the HOA kept sending repeated letters to us about an "abandoned car" while I was busy in mechanical engineering school, which is comparable to the workload of Medical school or a med student. They finally sent one letter threatening to put a foreclosure lien on the house. I had what I didnt understand at the time as an autistic meltdown, and screamed really loud in the street. The hoa saw this as a threat, and would do this for years where they would basically write letters or be seen staring at my house for minutes on end continously, over little infractions, and if i screamed or had an outburst theyd call the cops. Finally, the letter threatening 50 dollars a day 1.5 months after my girlfriend died resulted in traumatic flashbacks and i had to get on Indica strain THC and CBF marijuana and weekly therapy.

Because the treasurer of the HOA board is the business analyst of this hospital, and the paramedics said my girlfriend would "be fine" right before she died, and all the emotional damage that occured to me afterwards, how serious of a liability is this to the hospital?

I thank everyone who contributes their knowledge from a paramedic understanding. I have a hard time understanding this legal liability. And honestly sometimes I would almost give up aspergers because even though it made it possible for me to get my degree to be an Aerospace and Automotive engineer, it certainly has given me many struggles in my personal life. I am not proud of the outbursts to say the least.
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