MVC Extrication speed over movement minimization


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trapped patients were almost twice as likely to die as those who were rapidly freed from the wreckage. Further, that the prevalence of spinal injuries among such patients was, in fact, extremely low – just 0.7% – and in around half of these cases, they had other serious injuries needing urgent medical attention.

“Our absolute focus on movement minimisation works for maybe 0.3% of patients, but it extends the entrapment time for 99.7% of them,” Nutbeam said. “Potentially hundreds of people in this country have died as a result of extended entrapment times, and if you multiply that worldwide, it’s many, many people.”

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Just scanned the papers but from those that read them more carefully, what mention is made of entrapment and increased technical difficulty and lengthy extrication being more likely the more violent the wreck (making more lethal injuries more likely)?


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When I took my first formal extrication course at the fire academy, the instructors put a plastic cup on the car that was on it's side, filled it halfway up, and said don't spill the water. for the final scenario, they said they were going to fill it to the top.

The further I progressed in my career, the more I realized how full of crap they were. Extricating a patient WILL result in moving both the car and the patient. Backboards were massively overrated. if someone is hurt, they aren't going to be moving much. As much as we want to minimize unnecessary patient movements, and remove the car from around the patient, you also have to look at patient condition. Which is why if you have a major MVC, with a kid in the back seat who is not breathing, it's 100% acceptable to use a center punch to break the window, yank the kid out, and start CPR. That doesn't mean you should do this for every call, but sometimes patient condition warrant more emergent moves.


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I just want a competent extrication team....