Mother of Fallen Yarnell Hill Firefighter Files Claim Seeking $36 Million


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The mother of firefighter who died while battling the Yarnell Hill blaze on June 30, intends to sue state and local authorities for negligence and attempting to "whitewash" an investigation into the deaths of the crew.

Marcia McKee filed a notice of claim on Friday against the state of Arizona, City of Prescott and Yavapai County seeking $12 million from each for negligent and careless actions that led to the death of her son, Grant, who was 21 when he perished alongside 18 members of his Granite Mountain Hotshots crew.
Thoughts? Do you think she is right or wrong?

Personally, I have to question her true motives. Especially when she has already stated that she will settle for $12m if it's settled in the next few months.
I'm not taking away anything from her from that, but I can't help but to wonder the motives, as I said. If it were to say something like "she would be willing to settle if the state agreed to give 12m to help protect firefighters" then I would think it was for pure reasons. Just my 2 cents.
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She is seeking 12 million each from three agencies. Maybe she has a particular agency in mind and her lawyer thinks the other two will throw the one she hates most under the wheels?

Another Storm King situation. Scrubby arid forest and iffy weather with financial and political pressure to act. Commo broke down. And how to you get away from a 10 mph fire rush in that sort of dense scrub? Then the report scatters blame.

Despite the article saying one member became separated, the lone survivor was helping fulfill a standing order; he was the safety lookout.