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Medical Emergency Scenarios

Discussion in 'Scenarios' started by TornWingedAngel1, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. TornWingedAngel1

    TornWingedAngel1 Forum Crew Member

    What’s up everyone?

    So I’m in a paramedic training course right now, and we’re going through out Medical Emergencies Module. Our practical for it is the beginning of September. So, with the study group I’m with, I suggested getting together and creating/looking up some medical emergency scenarios to practice through as a group for additional practice before the test.

    I was just wondering if anyone here knew of any sites that just have scenarios we could use? (Including a chief complaint, vital signs, recommended treatments, and possibly diagnoses) Or, hell, if anyone has any real experiences or one they’ve made up.

    I’ve only begun looking, so maybe when I do a google search I’ll find some, but you all know the life of a paramedic student, I’m sure. No room to breath. So making a post here right before work is a little bit quicker than looking to google. =P
  2. ffemt8978

    ffemt8978 Forum Vice-Principal Community Leader

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