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What’s up everyone,

I’m sorry if this is not the thread to post in. I was scrolling through and was honestly not sure which thread would be appropriate for this.

I was just searching for possible feedback and advice from anyone who may have been in a similar situation as mine or planning on it.

I’m a two year medic with 5 years total in 911 EMS. I’m currently a full-time employee with a fire department and I start the nursing bridge program in January that is one day a week for about a year and couple months.

My concern is when I start the program, I’m nervous I may lose my job at the fire department and not be able to pay my rent, I’ve looked at hospital jobs but they don’t seem like are offering enough for me to even pay my rent. I’m not trying to get too personal but my rent is about $1,250 a month. I do not have a car payment thankfully. However, with just one job I barley have $50 left over each month if I’m really strict with my budget. I have maybe 6 months of rent saved up but I was hoping maybe anyone who has been in my shoes can share some experience or wisdom for me being able to complete this program and pay my rent each month.

I hate to say it but I’ve considered working for Grady EMS and AMR Dekalb but I am extremely nervous to do so and have been backed out of the jobs due to my lack of confidence as a paramedic and being a introvert. I know dialysis jobs don’t pay well. Does anyone have any advice? I think I have I posted syndrome but I’m kinda just seeking advice at this point. People at work say I’m a great medic but I think they are just being nice.


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Too keep it simple. I may have made a really bad mistake and my job may be in jeopardy.
So that part of it is completely separate from nursing school, right? I also assume you'll be taking student loans so nursing school would not impact your budget beyond possibly being able to work extra hours for extra cash.

In that case, search around for the highest paying job you can find so that you can pay the bills.. finish up nursing school, and don't look back!


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Yes that is the plan and I am looking brother. Not many job options around me that really pay all that much sadly.

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...get a room mate? a smaller place? commute and split the difference between rent v. gas? 1250 a month is pretty can live with anything for less than 18 mos...


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Why not get an EMS job at another service or find a job outside of EMS?

Indeed lists a whole bunch of non-EMS jobs paying $20+ an hour for Paramedics.

Medical offices, movie sets, emergency rooms, and more.

Or you could leave EMS all together and find a more traditional job.

You have lots of options.

Good luck!