Medic robots for battlefield


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Medic robots for battlefield

Pittsburgh company is building a pair of robots that could serve as aides to battlefield medics, helping to retrieve wounded soldiers from dangerous areas and providing life support while taking them to a field hospital.

Todd Jochem, president of Applied Perception Inc., said the robots would work as a team, with the smaller, riding-lawnmower-sized robot capable of riding inside of the larger, Volkswagen Bug-sized robot. A medic who needs to evacuate a soldier could call the small robot with a push of a button; once the robot arrives, the medic could place the soldier on the robot for evacuation.

Wounded soldiers would then be transferred to the larger robot, which could transport up to two soldiers to a field hospital.

Applied Perception last month received a $1 million Small Business Innovation Research contract with the Pentagon to continue development through fall 2005. Remotec, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, is building two vehicles, to be delivered this fall for further refinement and experimentation.