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Hi I just recently moved to Charlotte. Was thinking of going for my medic cert down here being that education in the area is inexpensive, $10K less for a medic cert here compared to where I was living.

I tried scouring the internet to look for pay grades but to no avail. I found old post about pay from 2 to 5 years ago. Just curious on pay. I assume it's similar to LPN pay here $18 to $25 an hour.

Also wondering their schedule heard they do 14s at times. Work nights doing 12 right now. I heard stories schedule isn't always set and mandated to come in for shifts. Any truth?

Appreciate the feedback.


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Charlotte, NC ? - volunteer with a FD or a rescue squad (sorry none in the Charlotte metro area) - If you are affiliated with an agency then EMS and Fire Classes are tuition exempt (free) you will have to buy all the books though.

1st I do not work for medic, i have several friends that do though - I did work for Richmond Ambulance Authority that has very similar operations.
Shifts - After you are released you get placed on a shift where you are needed. (may be good may be bad)
Shift bid opens once a year and the senior personnel (most points) get the first pick of shifts (normally the best)

Pay for a paramedic in NC is normally around 40-45k yearly, some agencies do 24 hour shifts, most have swapped to 12 hour

NC is great for alternative practice settings for paramedics, many Dr's offices and hospitals hire Paramedics

Im local, feel free to send a message for any specific information about agencies or Paramedic Classes


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hey @RunnerD1987 have you thought about calling MEDIC's HR department or their recruitment specialist and asked what the payrate is? and have you checked out their hiring page

if you go to, the first question they answer is about scheduling:

  1. What are your shifts like? Most shifts are 10, 13, or 13.5-hour shifts, ranging from 3 days on with 4 off, to 4 days on and 3 off the next (rotating weekends) On the ALS 911 side, you can be on a dual paramedic truck or a paramedic and EMT depends on your shift. Every ALS 911 truck will have a paramedic crew chief (lead paramedic) and a secondary provider either paramedic or EMT, however, most paramedics upgrade to crew chief within 6-12 months (which comes with a 15% pay increase). We do have a NET team which handles all BLS transfers within the county, and BLS NET truck will have a BLS Team Leader (Lead EMT) and a secondary BLS provider. We do run ALS transfers and have ALS NET trucks, but not as many due to the hospital systems having their own transport units.