Looking to get fit. Tips please


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I'm getting ready to start classes and let's put it simply. I'm a stick. I'm no longer in shape.

I'm 5'4 and about 102. I have trouble lifting 50 lb bags of feed (or anything that weight, really).

I need to do cardio.

I work 40+ hours at a call center. I have weekends off and usually Fridays.



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Cardio won't build strength (not in a substantial way), which isn't to say it isn't valuable. Strength is built by resistance training.

Your going to hear a bunch of theories from a bunch of different people. My personal advice would be to find a personal trainer and a registered dietitian who can help you find a plan that actually works for you. I think finding someone who will emphasis good technique is critical, poor technique not only prevents building strength but also can lead to devastating injuries (which are even more likely to occur with beginners who don't have good technique or know where their limits are).

To me cardio is for cardio (I love swimming, rowing, and the stair master) and lifting is for strength. I do like exercises that work multiple groups at the same time like dead lifts and clean and jerks, but these can also be dangerous and can't be the only part of a strength program. I've also been lifting since I played football in high school so I've found what works well for me and where my limits are at.

I don't personally like cross fit or any other "functional fitness," while there are some some people in those communities who are excellent there are in my opinion even more who don't know what they are doing and encourage dangerous behaviors. I know many people who have achieved great results through these programs so I don't think that they are without merit, but I'm a bit hesitant to recommend them.

I would also be cautious of supplements unless they are recommended by a registered dietitian or someone else who has real, good, experience (and on that note, nutritionist is not a protected title the US, if they call themselves a nutritionist look elsewhere). Even something as simple as eating too much protein can wreck havoc on your body and cause permanent damage, and there is only so much of certain nutrients you body needs (the rest typically damages your liver or kidneys on the way out).


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Oh yeah, I know can cardio isn't really going to help me all too much with just lifting, if it all. Breathe better, more oxygen probaby but yeah.

I guess it's a little sad (boo hoo, I know) when I tell people I want to be a cop one day or I'm working toward my EMT basic. And they just give you that look of doubt. Kind of a cringe. And you know they don't believe you for a second, not that you want to, but that you will or can.

And I know why. I'm not stupid. I'm not even normal weight. I just need to start somewhere and at this point, it's on me. I'll be looking into that, and I don't usually supplement. I used to run in high school (nothing big, but I wasn't out of shape), but I fell out of practice.

I just know I can't be an EMT when I struggle with smaller things.


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Start lifting ASAP. Forget cardio - You need to be able to lift 100 pounds minimum to do this job IMO... Preferably be able to lift a lot more than that if you want to not injure yourself while moving patients around.

If you want to be a cop, start training wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu too. Have that be your cardio. I think all cops should train a grappling martial art, but you especially need to make up for your size somehow.


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Start a program and stick to it. Don't bother trying to find the "perfect" one, all that matters is consistency.

The ideal program for you would have linear progression, incorporate muscle groups 3x a week and keep it varying enough so you don't get bored.

Try pic related, you'll adjust to it accordingly and just please remember not to overload yourself. I.E., don't lift more than you can handle. If it's just the bar? That's okay. I could barely lift the bar and 10's when I first started.

Edit: Those AMRAP's will have you huffing and puffing for sure. I also usually incorporate some swimming during the week, but have no desire to be an icicle so I'm waiting a little longer:D