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Preventative health is a priority to prevent the spread of disease. Our state medical team is currently assessing these requirements; I need considerable personnel, equipment, drugs, vaccines and other medical supplies.

We have experienced a significant loss of life and as we transition from our initial emphasis on search and rescue, we require assistance with mortuary affairs. It is my pledge to the citizens of Louisiana that we will conduct this task with as much dignity as possible; to accomplish this I need federal assets to work closely with state and local officials.

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Very interesting, she is obviously is asking for more help than what I think President Bush is willing to give. Im not sure if the Louisiana Brigade will even be pulled out of Iraq to come home to devastation.

As for the morgue portion, Im not sure if a warehouse outside NOLA is a dignified way of disposing the bodies. If there really are 10,000 dead in NOLA alone as has been predicted, there will likely have to be a mass grave somewhere to place these bodies to slow the spread of disease. Im not sure what type of dignified way would be to dispose of the bodies, obvisouly not all bodies will be identified, and several families will not be able to afford a proper burial for their loved ones. Im not exactly sure how this mass morgue is going to work, but it is a growing problem. There will be more dead as people refuse to leave NOLA and they run out of supplies. There are still people living on bridges in makeshift camps.

What I want to know is why were new crews able to get to these people but yet resuers werent????? Makes me wonder........

But as I said when the National Hurricane Center said the levees would not hold, and that NOLA should be evacuated they meant it and people should have been forced out of their homes for their own safety. I would much rather lose my house than my life, Ive lost everything once before, another time wouldnt be a hard blow.