Lenior Community College EMS-Paramedic hybird program


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As a current student of the program, I would highly advise you to look for other options that would give a thorough program layout. The downfall of the program is that the layout is very poor, and not crafted to balance someones life and full time job. As a 21 year old, its not very difficult. The program is very self sufficient, you teach yourself. But especially if you're single and don't have any kids, and have a full-time EMS job. My class started out with 21, and 8 months in we remain with 9. Majority have stopped due to not being able to function a life with all responsibilities and balance this class. I understand that everyone's go to motto is "oh well im sure they didn't try, they didn't give 100%" but I can reassure you there has been so many times I have wanted to just quit this program and go to another program across town. Everything is poorly constructed, and the tests are not even grammatically correct.

However, I have 1 month until graduation so Im sticking it out.

Unless you are doing this program for saving money, and this is for anyone, look for another Paramedic program.


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Hey all. New member here.

I'm in southeast Georgia and am currently an AEMT working full-time for the local county 911. Ive been trying to weigh my options for paramedic and I'm very interested in the lenoir program. There is a local program but the instructor does nothing but run through generic slides from the book that I get on my own ( went through his EMT and AEMT ). I've looked at starting in may 2016 and I've already gotten ahold of the clinical coordinator with lenoir to see about getting a contract at the local er and my own workplace so hopefully that won't be an issue. My question is this.

As a serious, self driven and highly motivated student with a very good support base here locally to draw on and practice skills with, is the lenoir program any good? As I said, I have an amazing support base out here of people who will help me with skills outside of the site visits
Program very disorganized. LOT of busy work. And tests are through a 3rd party which don't reflect what you cover.