Job interviews with CARE and Lynch


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Hey guys,

I have job interviews with CARE and Lynch.
I'm not too sure what to expect and what questions they are going to ask me. CARE is going to conduct skills test, too and I have no idea what type of skills they are going to ask me
If anyone has gone through the interview process with CARE or Lynch, any input would help me greatly. Or if you've been through an interview with any ambulance company, I imagine they'd ask similar types of questions so any input would help me.
And as for which to choose from if I get hired by both, what are pros and cons?
Thanks in advance guys


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If no one hasn't said so already, welcome to EMTLife!

If you use the search feature you'll find tons of threads involving Lynch and Care, including many asking the same question as you, so those threads can be great places to get answers.

I personally haven't interviewed/tested at either company, but in my experience, the tests are basic EMT stuff. Same with skills. If you've passed your EMT course and the National Registry, you should be able to easily pass an employment test. Be prepared to explain what SAMPLE, OPQRST, DCAPBTLS, APGAR, AVPU, etcetera is.

As far as skills, I can't imagine it'd be any more complicated than stuff like opening an oxygen tank, inserting an NPA/OPA, CPR, Spinal Immobilization, splinting, etc.

Once again I can't comment specifically on Care or Lynch's process. I've interviewed at companies where it's just an oral interview and they'll call you back later, some where you take a written test, and then they'll call you back later for skills and interview, others where all they wanted me to demonstrate was cracking an O2 tank and placing an NRB on a patient, and others where all in the same day you'll take a 50 question written test, demonstrate pretty much all the NR skills for EMT, and then do an oral interview and finally get an offer on the spot if you pass. So don't be surprised if they want everything or only a quick test or not. I know, it can sound like a lot, but just remember as an EMT you can be called upon to perform any of your skills at pretty much any time without prior warning. But most places just want to see if you've retained enough info from class that they can train you up in their specific way of doing things in a relatively short time frame (without leaving you behind)

Common interview questions include, but are not limited to: "what made you interested in EMS? What makes you want to work for our company? What customer service experience do you have? What's your greatest strength and weakness? What would you do/ what have you done when confronted with an angry patient/family member/bystander? Interpersonal issues? Stressful situations? Juggling multiple projects?" Etc.

Personally I'd choose Care over Lynch. Care is a very well established, very well respected company that provides 911 response in large portions of both LA and Orange counties. To the best of my knowledge Lynch only provides non emergency inter facility transports.


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Thanks for the input Jim37F, I really appreciate it and thanks for the welcome.
This gives me better idea of what to expect than nothing so I feel much better.
Much appreciated!


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care's testing process.. you have to pass each step to move to the next:
written test - pretty much national registry questions, basic stuff
skills test - basic skills like bleeding control, suctioning, etc (they are not too strict on this)
interview - 2 person panel (one from operations/one from HR)

they will notify you a day or two after whether you are hired or not.

i am not sure what Lynch's process is like, but if you have the option between the two, i would pick care. big company with lots of opportunity to move around and pick up overtime.


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Also, before you take the skills test for CARE they give you a sheet of paper that you will give the proctors there when you test and on that paper it says exactly what they look for. Which i think is very dumb because someone can memorize it and go in there and just repeat it. ALSO they will give you a sheet of paper that asks: "WHY YOU SHOULD WORK FOR CARE?" Honestly, feed them what they want to hear.

On the oral interview they ask only life experience questions, for example:
Give us a time where you had a personal conflict with an external. stuff like that.

Written test is a walk in the park.