It's almost Tax Day!!!

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I abhor the annual theft of my property filing and paying taxes. I’ve always used TurboTax and it has worked fine, even when living and working in different states and owning properties in different states and having a mix of W2 income and various 1099’s to file and trying to find as many deductions as possible.


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damn.... I have heard that the longer you hold out, the better your chances are on settling with the IRS for pennies on the dollar. As long as you are following the advice of your attorney, I hope it all works out for you.
My research shows this to be untrue. The IRS will settle if you have no income and no prospect of income in the future. Otherwise, lots of penalties and a long road of wage garnishment are in your future. There's always bankruptcy.


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I used to use Turbo Tax, then my sister gave me a discount card to her CPA and I tried him 3 years ago: He did our taxes that year, then reviewed our taxes for the previous 3 years.
He found an error that we were claiming that Turbo Tax said we could, (even emailing them and asking them they said we could) that was a $500 deduction, which he fixed on the previous years; but also found $1,200 worth of missed deductions for each of the previous years that Turbo Tax didn't catch. So it cost us $250 for each year's amended taxes and we got back $910 back from Federal for each.
Plus, he showed us that the rental house we owned out of state, we didn't need to claim income on unless we Cleared more than $5,000 profit per year: we never did. So that year we got a $2,800 refund. I called the state that the house was in and they agreed with him, I emailed Turbo Tax, and almost 19 months later they responded and said that he was right, but they would not say that to anyone 'just in case' it was wrong: because "You don't pay us enough to take that kind of risk with our (TT) money"

So the $250 I pay him more than pays off. Never trusting online or computer program taxes again.