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Discussion in 'BLS Discussion' started by CERTVoll1993, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. CERTVoll1993

    CERTVoll1993 Forum Ride Along

    Hey My Names Mitch And I'm From Australia I'm A Volunteer As A First Responder With A Community Emergency Response Team, So What Is CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).
    CERT Teams Are Crews Made Up Of Two Volunteers Rostered On To A Car In Remote And Rural Parts Of Victoria, CERT Teams Are Made Up Of Volunteers From All Walks Of Life The CERT Team I'm With Currently Has 12 Volunteers, All CERT Volunteers Hold Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response As Well As Under Taking Much More Training, We Are Trained To Deal With Medical Emergencies,Trauma Emergencies And Many More Issues patients May Have, We Do Not Transport Patients But Provide Emergency Response And Treatment Until Paramedic Back Up Arrives In locations that have a low caseload and limited ambulance coverage.
  2. NysEms2117

    NysEms2117 Parole officer/EMT

    hello Mitch, are you looking for anything? or just telling us how CERT works in Australia?

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